Did You Know?
Once NH&R receives your application, you can expect a rather in-depth phone interview. Ideally, all responsible family members participate. When a Newf comes in that looks like a good match for you, they'll be more interviewing and a home inspection. Seems like a lot but we want this to work as much as you do!
Adopting a Newfoundland
NH&R's Adoption process follows a careful process of screening both people and dogs to find an appropriate match. It's very important to us to make sure that the new home the Newf goes to is the LAST home he or she needs and that everyone is happy.

NH&R charges a non-refundable application of $20.00 and an adoption fee between $600.00 and $1,000.00 to recover the rescue committee's investment in the dog. This fee is sometimes modified due to age or health considerations. As you can imagine, $600.00 doesn't go very far if we're caring for a really sick dog. We are always accepting donations and holding fundraisers to help keep the rescue program afloat.

In addition to the adoption fee, NH&R requires all adopting families to sign a contract. In simple terms, the contract asks you to care for the dog, feed him or her and be their best friend.

How Does the Adoption Process Work?

You've talked it over with your family and decided that a rescue Newfoundland is exactly what you're looking for in a new family member. You may be wondering how you get from this important decision to finally wrapping your arms around your new dog. Let's go through each step.

Step One:
Print and fill out the adoption application. These questions are meant to give us a thumbnail reference of who you are. So please be as complete and accurate as you can. Send the completed application with a check for $20.00 (explanation below) to the Adoption Coordinator, whose address is listed at the bottom of the application.

Step Two:
Once your application is received, you will receive a telephone call from our "Adoption Coordinator". This person's job is to get to know you better and help determine the kind of Newfoundland (temperament, age, etc.) that would best fit with you and your family's lifestyle. The phone interview usually takes at least an hour and it's important that all adults in your home participate.

Step Three:
Just sit and wait. I know, I know... it is hard to be patient. During this period, consider joining NCNC and attending one of their meetings, seminars or events. This is a great way to get to know other Newf people and their dogs. Newfs are great teachers and they're happy to show off their personalities. Information on upcoming NCNC events can be found on the NCNC web site.

Step Four:
After the telephone interview is completed, if you haven't changed your mind, we will arrange a home visit with a volunteer. The Adoption Coordinator will let you know who will be contacting you so you can set up a mutually agreeable time for the visit. The home visit is mainly to ensure that your home is safe for one of our rescued Newfs. (Don't get crazy cleaning, we don't carry white gloves!)

Step Five:
When a Newf in our program looks like a good match for you, we'll contact you to set up a meet-and-greet. By this time, the Newf has been in foster care and their behavior and physical condition is evaluated. Since the foster family is the most familiar with the dog, they will make the final decision regarding the appropriateness of the adoption.

Step Six:
Providing everything goes smoothly, you'll make a second trip to the foster home to finalize the adoption and to take your new "baby" home. You will be required to sign 2 copies of our adoption contract (one is for you), pay our adoption fee and go over any last minute details.

Why do we want $20.00 with your application?
Newfoundland Health and Rescue Inc. is comprised entirely of volunteers. We do this because we love these dogs and will go to great lengths to see them get a second chance at a safe, loving life. We take every application seriously and follow through with the screening process to the best of our ability. $20.00 doesn't seem like much but it goes toward defraying some of our screening expenses.

Our rescue volunteers welcome emails or telephone calls. Their email addresses and telephone numbers are listed on the contact page.