Did You Know?
Newfoundland Health & Rescue is the lifeline between a home that didn't work out and a new life. We provide foster homes, veterinary care and a behavior evaluation for the dog(s). For people interested in this wonderful breed, we provide education on just about every aspect of Newfdom!
Would you like to donate to NH&R? We could sure use your help!

Rarely does a Newf come through our program that is 100% healthy, up to date on inoculations and already spayed or neutered. Even though we try to use vets who regularly give price breaks for rescue organizations, a routine vet visit will usually run a few hundred dollars per dog. Of course, we end up with a few each year that require thousands (yes, thousands!) of dollars and months of rehabilitation before they can be adopted.

We have a very dedicated number of volunteers who take time off from work to investigate Newfs at shelters, transport dogs to vet appointments, do home inspections for adoption applicants or any of the other hundreds of errands needed to help these dogs. We can't compensate them for lost wages from their jobs but we try to at least reimburse them for their travel expenses.

Education is the number one most important part of preventing Newfs from coming into rescue in the first place. With this in mind, we routinely run informational ads in newspaper classifieds when "Newfoundland puppies" ads are present.

In addition, we staff a public education booth at the Golden Gate Dog Show in San Francisco as well as other dog shows around Northern California. Printed materials provided to the public allow our message to go home with them.

Newfoundland Rescue is composed of 100% volunteers and your donation pays for animal care and education efforts. NH&R is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Donate using your credit card, debit card, or bank account at our web store through PayPal.
It's safe and secure. Please make checks payable to Newfoundland Health & Rescue, Inc.

Hazel Jacoby
5514 Greenridge Road
Castro Valley, CA 94552
(510) 582-9027

Other Ways to Help Newfoundland Health & Rescue

The next time you go shopping for your own dog, keep us in mind! Below is a list of our most frequently needed supplies:

Gift certificates for dog food

The weight circles from YOUR dog food bags (especially Purina brands)

Training collars (24" - 26")

Regular collars

6ft. nylon or cotton training leashes

Stainless steel feeding bowls (2 quart)

Frontline (flea control)

Heartguard (heartworm preventative)

Crates, ex-pens & baby gates


Large flat beds for the sick dogs

Open your home and your heart to a Newf in need.  Foster homes are always needed.

Become part of a transport team.  Getting a scared Newf to a new home is vital to our rescue efforts.

Ask your place of employment to make a tax deductible donation or to match employee donations.

Shop through iGive.com and specify NCNC's Newfoundland Health and Rescue as your charity. Up to 26% of each purchase you make goes to Newfoundland Health and Rescue, Inc. Shopping at hundreds of online stores helps a cause close to your heart with each purchase!