Did You Know?
Newfoundland Health & Rescue is the lifeline between a home that didn't work out and a new life. We provide foster homes, veterinary care and a behavior evaluation for the dog(s). For people interested in this wonderful breed, we provide education on just about every aspect of Newfdom!
Rescuing a Newfoundland
Newfoundland Health & Rescue Inc. shares a common bond with every other rescue organization around the world. We really wish we weren't needed at all.

In a perfect world, every family that had a Newf would be able to make the commitment and have the resources to keep that dog as a happy member of their family for the rest of that dog's life. Unfortunately, life happens.

NH&R Inc. is on file with almost all county shelters and veterinary clinics within our boundaries. When a Newfoundland is brought in to these facilities in need of a home, we are contacted and our number is provided to the owners. We make arrangements to move the dog into a foster home and be seen by a veterinarian for a full exam as well as neutering and/or shots.

We also accept and place Newfoundland's whose families are no longer able to take care of them. These cases can be the most difficult because their people love them with all their heart and soul. At the same time, they realize that they can no longer keep their beloved pet. We're here to help.

Another case might be that you are overwhelmed by behavior issues with your Newf. Don't be embarrassed! Newfs are big dogs and when they have behavior issues, they tend to be big issues!

NH&R can help you work through them as an alternative to surrendering your dog. Our expert behaviorist, Lori Littleford would love to help you. Call her at (408) 286-1855 or email her. Be sure to leave a call back number so she can call you!