Did You Know?
Newfoundland Health & Rescue is the lifeline between a home that didn't work out and a new life. We provide foster homes, veterinary care and behavior evaluation for the dogs. For people interested in this wonderful breed, we provide education on just about every aspect of Newfdom!
Fostering a Newfoundland
When we rescue a Newf, he or she needs a safe place to stay while waiting for adoption. Even more importantly, NH&R needs to evaluate the dog before placing it in a new home. That's where our Foster homes come in.

Fostering is one of the most important functions in NH&R. Foster families bring in new dogs, help us evaluate their needs, behaviors and temperaments, take them to veterinary appointments, and whatever else maybe necessary for the Newf's welfare. NH&R pays all veterinary costs.

When rescued dogs come in we may know nothing about them, their "issues", or personalities. To place them successfully, we need to find out the good, the bad, and the ugly!.

Our foster families keep diaries of their time with a rescued Newf. They keep records of things like temperament and behavior in different situations, with specific attention to the dog's behavior when presented with new experiences.

Becoming a Foster Home

Step One:
Fill out the Foster & Transport Application form.

Step Two:
Send the form to our Foster Coordinator.

Step Three:
Our Foster Coordinator will arrange a time for an interview. After the interview (if we haven't scared you off) we'll schedule a visit to evaluate your home for suitability as a foster home.